En Route is under development and is intended for testing and preview purposes only. Before using it, it is highly recommended to read the disclaimer.

Coordinate Syntax

Coordinates can be expressed in different formats and conventions. For example:

  • 12° 21' 32.12" or 12 21 32.12
  • 12.35892° or 12.35892
  • 12 21.53 S

Keep in mind that if you write the cardinal directions manually (e.g. N/S, E/W or +/-), the associated toggle button selection won't be considered by the system.

Course Syntax

Two different formats for the course are currently available: the azimuthal format (from 0 to 360 degrees) and the quadrantal format (from 0 to 90 degrees). For example:

  • 320° or 320 (if azimuthal)
  • N 40 W or N 40° W (if quadrantal)

You can omit the blank spaces if needed.


En Route uses the WGS84 datum. If you need to convert your coordinates from another datum (and, eventually, vice versa), you may try NIMA's MSP GEOTRANS.